Logistics Software Development

CAFSInfotech develops customized logistics software solutions as per your high requirements. Our professionals carefully craft the tailor-made logistic applications that allow you to manage the complexities of every logistics network at every stage of operations.

Why CAFSInfotech?

CAFSInfotech logistics management software development encompasses the logistical packaging, freight forwarding, trucking, customer-relationship management, billing and financial accounts, route-based trip management, alerts, notification, etc. We also facilitate online installations and cloud deployments for your logistics management systems.  

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Application Development Features

Logistical Packaging

We access the logistical packaging feature in our application thus allowing you to have a better understanding and a better tracking of the product information, barcode numbers, packaging materials, logos, labels and the stock occupied area managed in the warehouse. The logistical Packaging process ensures the protection of products during storage, distribution and transportation. Logistical packaging includes barrier and physical protection from compression, temperature, oxygen, shock, dust etc.

Suppliers Management

Normally, a logistics system deals with multiple numbers of suppliers each day, allowing you to enter the data of the goods to your logistics management along with its storage and delivery. The Suppliers management software module informs you about the payment details and the invoices of goods received etc.

Warehouse Management

We develop warehouse management software modules that enables to you to know the product storage, movement, intermediate packagers, offloading of the goods from the suppliers, etc. Warehouse Management lets you know the total number of unpacked and packed goods for transportation and distribution, giving you the detailed product catalogue with the warehouse assignment of the goods.

Material Handling

Material handling software module involves the activity of handling the raw-materials, semi-finished, finished goods and parts into and out of the warehouses and transportation terminals, automated to ensure better transportation services of the goods. Material Handling allows you to enter date and keep track of raw materials, semi-finished, finished goods, spare parts, spoiled goods, etc., to minimize the handling costs.

Inventory Control

CAFSInfotech understands the problems our clients face to store a wide range of products received for transportation, giving you detailed information on segregation placement of goods in the warehouse with batch numbers. The inventory control software module facilitates updated piece of information on every product shipments, keeping track of different time deliveries of the product.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

CAFSInfotech  delivers the transportation Management software module that offers everything right from the delivery tracking, fleet forwarding, order entry, fleet invoicing, planning, etc. The transportation module is the one that ensures the automation of the entire transportation process, thus minimizing human errors.

The features in this module include:

Vendor-Managed Inventory

The Vendor-Managed Inventory feature allows having collaboration between your supplier and yourself, streamlining all the supply chain operations.

Sub-features of Vendor-Managed Inventory module:

Vehicle Telematics Solutions

CAFSInfotech Vehicle telematics solution module is designed to provide high technological vehicle experiences through incorporation of wireless television, voice-activated and remote control applications, internet access, GPS for planning routes and live weather/ parking/traffic options.

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