CAFSInotech IoT Services

Regardless of your IoT initiative maturity stages, our team of IoT professionals will help you uncover the IoT potential and tailors a solution addressing your business objectives in the most efficient way.

Specifications our IoT consultants will assist

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Full-cycle IoT development

CAFSInfotech leads your IoT initiatives throughout the digital transformation, taking your business to the next level. We add our domain knowledge with your vision to work out an ideal recipe seasoning it with our novel ideas for attaining your digital transformation objectives.

Our team makes sure to deliver the best IoT solutions that accelerate intelligent decision-making, improves operational efficiency and drive your business success, whether you reengineer the existing IoT solutions to adapt your business or you develop a solution from the scratch.

IoT solutionimplementation

Our professional team collaborates with the project stakeholders in understanding the specific business objective intended to be achieved. We create a detailed specification requirement and deliver the IoT solution for your idea tailored to meet the set objectives.

Our highly engineered team makes your detailed requirements specifications real if you have one on hand. We analyze, define scope and complexity providing a project delivery schedule and budget. We design and develop the apt software tailored to your business purposes once the project is been approved.

IoT analytics

The value of any IoT solution that fails to get integrated into the existing infrastructure is subjected to be questionable. CAFSInfotech gives due attention to integrating the software solutions with legacy systems like CRM, ERP, WMS, MES, SCADA, etc., and tuning them to work in uninterrupted operations with bidirectional data flow.

Challenges We Solve

CAFSInfotech knows the modern way of approaching towards the IoT-driven digital transformation that is challenging initiative. Our team leverages their extensive experiences in cloud application design and development, remote monitoring and control, cloud infrastructure administration and maintenance, data analytics and information security, etc., thus helping you to address the most accurate IoT project challenges,

The challenges also include:

Lack of in-house competences in IoT

Lack of standardization is considered one of the major challenges for architects and developers in IoT. These challenges stems from absence of standards for authentication, lack of uniform communication protocols, non-unified cloud services, and diversities in IoT operating systems and firmware. CAFSInfotech is ready to share its extensive experience and help you mitigate the pitfalls of Internet of Things projects.

Insufficient teamwork

The number of internal and external parties that coordinates and collaborates among themselves is a major requirement for a successful IoT project. Our IoT consultants make a strong bridge to collaborate among the project stakeholders.

The need for constant evolution after deployment

CAFSINFOTECH makes sure that your IoT solution meets all the requirements of your current project’s use and also serves as a basis for your future projects as well, emphasizing flexibility and the ability to scale the requirements.

IoT Projects We Involve in:

Home Automation

Home automation (also known as smart home appliances) such as the control and automation of lighting, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), robotic vacuums, air purifiers, ovens or refrigerators that utilize Wi-Fi for remote monitoring.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology which incorporates smart-watches, health trackers, VR headsets and much more.


IoT application technologies have sensors used to monitor wind and water condition, soil or atmospheric conditions, and even the progress of wildlife. The IoT devices can also be used in applications such as tsunami early-warning methods to allow authorities to give more effective responses and aid.


Utilities doing real-time grid assessment from devices resting on the grid.


Logistics firms designing real-time clarity into location and condition of assets.


Insurers improving revenue through asset monitoring.


Retailers investing more personalized in-store shopping experiences.


The IoT can be utilized to observe and manage plans of urban and rural infrastructure such as bridges and railway tracks. IoT can ease to schedule servicing and maintenance activities in a well-organized manner.

Manuf actures

Manufacturers predicting when equipment will need maintenance.


Banks giving excellent offers and more engagement via tellers and ATM.

Medical and Healthcare

IoT devices can aid remote health monitoring and crisis notification systems such as blood pressure and heart rate monitors.