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A point of sale or the POS is the point at which payments are made in exchange of services or products. CAFSInfotech POS software takes care of what normally a cashier would do (i.e.) calculate the bill with discounts if any for the N number of products and tells you the final bill and tallies it by doing the final transactions with the whole process taking place without any errors or miscalculations. Our POS system works at the most affordable cost across a wide range of regions, increasing overall productivity. We help you to have a stress free transaction made for your business and to have a drastically decreasing billing time.

Key Features

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Production to POS - Integrated Retail Software Solution

CAFSInfotech is committed to provide the best-integrated software solution from production to the point of sale hoping to satisfy all your needs. These are few of our offerings:

We Get What You Need

CAFSInfotech provides software customized for all your billing needs, adept at meeting all your requirements

Reach Out Anytime

CAFSInfotech provides your assistance and support irrespective of the timing you reach out to us regarding any issue.

Get Going Fast

CAFSInfotech makes sure the turnaround is shortly possible to going quickly as we understand the fast-paced nature of our client’s business and their needs to have completed the task faster.

Why Choose CAFSInfotech forYour POS Software?

CAFSInfotech makes sure your company transfers to the next level by extending our hand with the less time consuming software products. POS software developed at CAFSInfotech drives in more business and profit to the company. We have a team of well experienced developers in developing the best software to meet all your needs.

Features of Billing Software

New invoice creation

Allows the creation of clean and professional invoices that can be customized to match with your brand. The system will allow for extracting and integrating information from projects, timesheets, and customer records.

Customer records creation

Customer records creation enables customers to summarize their personal information and purchase information attached relevant files in a centralized database or single database that are equipped to access every customer records.

Credit card processing

The invoicing suite should enable to save time and facilitate billing by processing credit cards promptly and allow recurring billing and secure customer management. Clients won’t miss a due payments since Some systems enables auto-billing of credit cards.

Pre-defined templates

The external appearance of the bills and invoices equally important with their accuracy like a system provides for predefined and professional communication templates. This will not only save your time but also let you personalize your accounting and allow you to carry your brand.

Multiple currency setting

This aspect enables to combine your billing and invoicing system logical with the rest of your software architecture, it is identical to your basic financial operations. This setting can be beneficial for issuing receipts, accepting payment and managing taxes, and it is a vital importance for businesses with global operations.

Receive/send information

This function allows send quotes to every customer with a centralized database where all their information is stored and promptly made available.

Invoice, payment, and GST Billing report

A better online invoicing system needs to eliminate the use of tax reporting external systems and should allow performing with the same system, without losing business hours to summarizing the information.

Employee Profile and Payslip

In this software, We can create a new employee profile and generate the payroll process to get the individual employee payslip.


In Inventory to get the complete list of items and its stocks for the particular products with invoices to know the current status of the product with this software. It will maintain overall stock records and after sell the items to produce the availability of the remaining items in this inventory system.

ROI (Re-arrange Of Items)

This function will enable to re-arrange the items in the stock inventory. If any items will be taken for the sell it will re-arrange the remaining items in the stock.