CAFSInfotech CRM Implementation Services

CAFSInfotech develops Custom CRM Software to analyze your business equipped with backend industry acumen and helps you to choose and implement the CRM that best fits your objectives and business plans. We’re extensively experienced in developing our own product and even installing and migrating the industry’s leading CRM platforms.

Custom CRM Solutions

CRM Software Development

We develop custom CRM softwares and features that extends CRM functionality and automation. CAFSInfotech optimizes your customer lifecycle experience and journey with customer facing applications for membership management, gifts/offers management, loyalty programs and more.

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CRM Programming

We program CRMs for multi-channel managements that include web, social, call center, mobile, in-person, and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software features. Our CRM programming optimizes your CRM functionality with machine learning functions, conversational interfaces, and industry-specific and best-of-breed applications.

CRM Integration

Our CRM Integration software development includes CRM integration with Salesforce Automation (SFA), social media platforms (social CRM), and other 3rd party systems. We provide integrated solutions with sales forecasting, ticketing systems automation, pipeline analysis, territory management, and much more.

CRM Analytics Software

Experts in CAFSInfotech programs the CRM analytics software applications that includes case histories, automated/manual logging, interactions tracking, trend/relationships mapping, integrations with phone, chat, e-mail, and social platforms for effective predicative modeling and easy customer segmentation.

CRM Tools

CAFSInfotech is a leading custom CRM software provider around the world. We develop CRM tools that includes task lists/assignments, custom rules/automation creation, affiliate management, calendar management, automated process templates, and alerts/notifications for simplified usability.

CRM Software Modules

Our professional team of CRM developers engineer custom CRM software modules such as custom KPI creation, automatic / manual log management, performance monitoring, productivity and KPI tracking, lead generation, and real-time data oversight that helps businesses expertly manage existing customers and prospects.

CRM Platform Customization

CAFSInfotech’s  custom CRM Software Development extends your CRM platform by automating workflows and tracking customers with tailored solutions such as maximizing overall efficiency and productivity and development of CRM-centric applications that can be implemented for different departments in your organization.

Mobile CRM Solutions

We perform mobile CRM development that includes mobile-first design, custom mobile applications, GPS/location-based functions, online/offline synchronization, and context-awareness features that enables marketing, sales, and customer service teams to have access and operate real-time key information.

CRM Database Solutions

We develop CRM databases that include search functions, contact management, integrate disparate data repositories, and documents/records management that gets you the best use of your data and helps you discover valuable customer insights and turning them into successful business decisions.

CRM Migration

Our expert team of CRM developers tends to understand the diverse implementation and integration methodology that are necessary for understanding a critical business issue and emphasize the customer experience.

CRM Installation

We install and implement CRM from on premise to cloud deployments, ensuring the system is expertly installed with domain considerations and server configuration while understanding the best practices and expert methodologies.