Contact List Management

It’s important for every organization to maintain a list of targeted customers with whom it can communicate and ensure optimum conversions. CAFSInfotech helps you target millions of prospective customers and build your entire email campaign successfully.

Create & Design

CAFSInfotech offers technological and creative expertise in designing an email using our creative concepts with brand development ideas. Furthermore, creating personalized landing pages focusing on better customer experience and the email campaign content.

Targeted & Follow Up Emails

CAFSInfotech email marketing services extracts target group with bulk mails relating to your products and services. Also offering the option to follow up with the interested customers via social media touch points or email marketing and engage directly with them.

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Campaign Tracking, Analysis & Reporting

After successfully sending bulk emails, CAFSInfotech measures the success of the email campaign and analyzes the performance and report on the basis of opens, click-through, usage, subscriptions, trends, social engagement, hard bounce, soft bounce etc.