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Chennai is a hub of IT companies where you can easily find a web designing company that serves the brand needs of your business. Lets have a look on how Chennai based designing company “CAFS Infotech” could satisfy your brand needs.

The importance of web design:-

                Increase in competition has led to companies working on different strategies to get the attention of their respective customers.   Below we have discussed few points to understand the importance of Web Design that is prevailing in the market.

Your brand Value:-    

                The Brand value of a website has its maximum influence from the design which the website has adopted. Factors like

·         Presence of brand logos.

·         Maintaining the colours used throughout the website.

·         Adopting colours that gain the attention of the visitor.

·         Maintaining the brand voice throughout the content of the website.

Play a major role in creating a better brand value to the visitor of a website.

Brand colors:-

                Colours play a very important role in attracting the visitor psychologically. There is a separate study about usage of colours called as colour psychology.

                Using colours that attract the customer and influence them to stay inside the website is one among many strategies that experts use to increase the value of their website.

More than this it is proved that every colour evokes an emotion with the person who sees it, below is the table of few colours and the emotions they evoke.


ColoursEmotion the Colour evokes
RedPassionate, aggressive, important
OrangePlayful, energetic, cheap
YellowHappy, friendly, warning
GreenNatural, stable, prosperous
BlueSerene, trustworthy, inviting
PurpleLuxurious, mysterious, romantic
PinkFeminine, young, innocent
BrownEarthy, sturdy, rustic
BlackPowerful, sophisticated, edgy
WhiteClean, virtuous, healthy
GreyNeutral, formal, gloomy
BeigeAccentuates surrounding colours


Page layout design:-

                For a website as much as content, the design is equally important. The layout design is where a web designer has to concentrate while brainstorming about the design aspect of the website.

                The layout plays a major role in projecting content and design in the most optimal way. There are few important factors to be considered under a page layout. These factors include being clear and crisp on the layout, making sure the layout makes the viewer feel comfortable about the information he reads from the website. Let’s discuss such factors below.

·         Considering layout in columns and rows of a website

        The best practices of preparing a website include splitting the website layout in 3 x 3 where the layout will consist of 9 boxes. Based on the content the company wants to deliver to its customers the layout can be split across the boxes.

        This approach makes it clear in terms of using the layout most optimally. And once the content is assigned to respective boxes the same can be used for the entire website. This approach also results in maintaining a better content strategy.

·         At least one focal point

        It’s advised to maintain at least one focal point for a website. The focal point is the area where the visitor will be diverted to concentrate. The website should consider the focal point to convey the core purpose of the website either – Informational, Educational and Comparative content.


·        Maintaining the golden ratio

        Golden ratio is the aspect ratio of a specific area. It’s said that many great designs and art that marked a place in the history follows the golden ratio of 1:1.618.

        To make it simpler – It will always look better if a particular sections minor sub-section to major sub-section falls under the ratio of 1:1.168.


Example link: https://www.goldennumber.net/google-logo-design-golden-ratio/

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