CAFS Money – Review

CAFS Money: – CAFS Money is a Chennai-based online mutual fund platform where you can invest in mutual funds of top AMC like SBI, ICICI prudential, HDFC, Nippon India and Kotak Mahindra mutual funds.


CAFS Money was started in 2021 under the legal name CAFS Wealth India Financial Services Private Limited registered with the ARN – 186979. CAFS Money is a free-to-use platform, where anyone can buy, sell and manage their mutual fund investments. CAFS Money plans to venture into FD, stocks and gold in their upcoming releases as sources from the company management. Website:

Market overview:-

The mutual fund industry is a ₹ 39,46,257 crore industry as of 2023 which a potential of ₹ 180 lakh crore. With 4000+ mutual funds to choose from, investors are open to a wide range of investments. These investments consist of financial instruments that belong to the equity and debt asset class.

Features and benefits:-

CAFS Money offers a wide range of features focused on helping users choose the right investments. Let’s look at the features offered at CAFS Money for a mutual fund investor.

Advisory expertise:-

The mutual funds suggested in CAFS Money are from experts with 20+ years of experience in wealth building. While suggesting the mutual funds advanced mathematical calculations are performed to filter the right fund with the highest growth potential.

  1. Mutual funds with the best returns provide top performing mutual funds.
  2. Tax saving mutual funds gives you tax advantage while filing your income tax up to 1.5 lakhs.
  3. Mutual funds with Rs. 500 SIP lets you invest is the best mutual funds with just Rs. 500.
  4. Index mutual funds invest in top companies that has better financial forecast.
  5. Top rated mutual funds consist of mutual funds with the highest ratings.

View Mutual fund categories to choose the one that suits you.

Learn mutual funds:-

You can learn about mutual funds through three phases: Basics, Beginner, and Advanced. This helps you to take better financial decisions in your investment journey.

  1. The basics of mutual funds cover the basics of investments and let you start your journey.
  2. Mutual funds beginner has articles about the basics of mutual funds and how to use them to achieve your financial goals.
  3. Advanced mutual funds explore more into mutual funds and teach about advanced metrics like Sharpe ratio, Expense ratio, and standard deviation.

It is advisable to take up the Learn Mutual Funds course offered by CAFS Money to let you have an overall idea about Mutual Funds.


Calculating the performance of your investments is as critical as investing. CAFS Money offers a wide range of calculators to help you calculate your mutual fund performance. Mutual funds calculators let you calculate your SIP, and Lumpsum returns and also let you calculate your XIRR, CAGR, Capital gains and exit load. You can also use AMC wise SIP and Lumpsum calculator to calculate the returns of the mutual fund of a particular AMC.


NFO (New Fund Offer) attract investments to mutual funds that are yet to be launched. You can view the New Fund Offerings and invest in them before

Other features:-

You can use their Mutual Fund Search feature to find mutual funds according to your needs. Once you found a couple of mutual funds can compare the mutual funds.

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