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Ever since the appearance of the very first Apple app store in July 2008, the development of mobile application took a rise for more than half a decade. Overall, the evolution of the mobile application has contributed a large to enhance the travel factors. But little is known that lack of travel intelligence can affect the on the go travel experience.

Gaining a deeper knowledge on how the travelers are using travel-related applications on their time of travel provides a meaningful opportunity for the tourism companies to enhance the travel experience for people having insufficient access to travel-related resources on the go.

The mobile trend is massively exceeding in tourism industry, as researched by online travel site Expedia. Most of the online booking agents suggest that the travelers feel comfortable with smartphone travel-related applications, with them playing a crucial role in today’s life and supporting at every stage of travel process.

Travel enthusiasts always prefer a one-stop travel application solution for all the travel-based booking and reservation needs. Therefore, developing an application that allows travelers to plan and manage their trips and also making their bookings easier is an effective way to emerge successfully in travel industry.

Features of an ideal Multi-Functional travel booking application

  • Integration of all types of bookings like travel, sight-seeing services, hotels etc. into one single stable platform is an important factor in creating an ideal Multi-Functional travel booking application.
  • Making sure that the travel application has a user-friendly user interface and an attractive theme design as well.

Exclusive travel-related mobile application features to boost sales

Travel Itinerary Generator

What makes Travel Itinerary Generator so special with being the most important feature demanded by travel enthusiasts?

An efficient travel itinerary generator just gets the user’s preferred custom landmark that they wanted to visit and in turn automatically generates the whole travel plan for the specified location. Implementing such algorithm doesn’t seem that easy since the leisure traveler’s itinerary predominantly includes the user’s exact destination, a detailed plan for the journey, their point of interest and the best transportation means. Yet, this makes sense for a successful travel application.

Geo-Location Tracking Services

travel service application incorporated with successful integration of GPS tracking system is a vital goal to hit the gold mine in the travel industry.

With considering the practical happenings, the first thing any traveler would expect after reaching a certain destination is a place to dine or check out for a hotel nearby. The Geo-Location Tracking Services lets people know which suits better for them in terms of their searches.

Weather or Climate Forecasting

Oscillations in climatic conditions can bring ramifications on an unplanned journey. Such situations urge travelers to experience a travel application that has multi-functional facilities including weather or climate forecasting.  

An effective travel-related mobile application should always integrate a real-time climatic forecasting, just to alert the travelers of the upcoming weather predictions, when people create their own travel itinerary.

Location-Based Emergency Services

During a trip, any emergency situation can rise irrespective of the location and timings.  In such situation, travelers will definitely be in need of an emergency service aid. With the development of travel application inbuilt with emergency service that too location-based emergency services, travelers find it easy to get all their emergency needs with one click.

Remembering to include emergency phone number and service feed based on the current location the passengers are in, to make sure the travelers can access them from whenever a need arises is a must-do trait for every travel application development initiatives.

Offline Access

A passenger normally goes with applications that performs both online and offline.  Hence, delivering both online & offline accessible travel related application creates more convenience for the users. Offline access being one of the most needed aspects of any travel application, working without an internet connection.

The conclusion

Integrating most of these features helps your application score highly favorable points when in differentiating the very own product from the other. With the booming of travel industry, there seems to be a long line for Multi-Functional travel applications trying to take the crown.